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Gobold Blocky Font

Gobold Blocky Font, a new style of populer GOBOLD font, is designed for need of a block style font, where the font is transparent with a block around the font — the text transparent and allow the background showing through [see the featured image]. This kind of font usually need for modern design nowadays. Designers usually takes time to make such style.

This font supports the OTF and PUA encoded Font. Play with ligature substitution to change the beginning and the end of letter styles as shown in the illustration images below. Feel free to try; it is Free for personal use, Download on 1001fonts. For Commercial use buy on Creative Fabrica 



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GOOD NEWS!  For whom has donated for GOBOLD Font Commercial Use, you have the right to use GOBOLD Font new family, GOBOLD Extra2 [regular and italic] and GOBOLD CUTS [regular and italic]. Now, GOBOLD Font, a stunning elegant Sans Serif font, has 28 Family.

Sample Picture of Complete Family of GOBOLD Font by Situjuh Nazara
Sample Picture of Complete Family of GOBOLD Font by Situjuh Nazara

GOBOLD Font is Free for Personal Use. For Commercial use, donate a nimimum $10 USD or buy it on Creative Fabrica 

Complete GOBOLD Font family can be downloaded free on, 1001fonts. You can also make a donation via those website.

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I do appreciate for those designers who use GOBOLD Font in their creative graphics, video, templates, etc. See their works on Creative Market –> CLICK HERE

A Playlist Video using GOBOLD Font

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Gobold High

“Look and feel! Look slim, high, and eye candy. Present a beauty of visual appealing!” That’s how I describe Gobold High, the condensed types of Gobold font.

I have uploaded the updated file of Gobold fonts (Version 1.100) and added 12 variants (Gobold High Regular,Bold, Thin; Gobold Uplow; Gobold Lowplus; and  Gobold Extra1).

Gobold Fonts are free for personal use. For Commercial Use, buy the license on my Creative Fabrica marker [click here]. Try it free for personal use, download on  Dafont or 1001fonts  (Donation is much appreciated)

Gobold High Picture-1 Gobold High Picture-2 Gobold High Picture-3

See the Gobold Hight Visual on Prezi (Gobold High Font -Kinetic Typography)

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The combination of thickness and height makes Gobold (with 24 family) perfect for headlines, posters, leaflets, name cards, etc. I thanks for many typeface lovers and designers for using Gobold. Since it first seen on September 07, 2013, Gobold has been downloading more than five hundred thousand.

Wallpaper Gobold not Goblock

Gobold font has been using by graphic designers for posters, flyers, logo, name cards, etc. Some samples of their works can be seen on GraphicRiver 

Download links:;

Gobold is free for personal use. For commercial use, a user/a company should donate minimal $10 USD.

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