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Seamless Patterns II

If you have downloaded and tried the seamless patterns font  previously I made, you might like this Seamless Pattern II. Same as previous Patterns Font, you can easily use this font to create various flowing awesome patterns. It contains 52 different kind of simple and decorative seamless patterns. You can use it in any kinds of design you want to add a touch of pattern.

For personal use, it is FREE [download here].  But for commercial use, buy me a cup a coffee, donate $10 USD only.

You can buy it also on my Creative Fabrica

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Gobold Blocky Font

Gobold Blocky Font, a new style of populer GOBOLD font, is designed for need of a block style font, where the font is transparent with a block around the font — the text transparent and allow the background showing through [see the featured image]. This kind of font usually need for modern design nowadays. Designers usually takes time to make such style.

This font supports the OTF and PUA encoded Font. Play with ligature substitution to change the beginning and the end of letter styles as shown in the illustration images below. Feel free to try; it is Free for personal use, Download on 1001fonts. For Commercial use buy on Creative Fabrica 



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Seamless Patterns Font

Now, with Seamless various patterns Font, you can easily create flowing awesome patterns. In this font, you are presented with 62 different kind of simple and decorative seamless patterns. You can use it in any kinds of design you want to add a touch of pattern, such as textile, product design, cover, box, clothing, or whatever.

To make the seamless patterns of this font, just type the same repeated letter, such AAAA or BBBB or  GGGGG and so on [This font only works for 0-9, A-Z, and a-z]. Color the fonts as you normally do. You might convert the font pattern to vector and customize it as you want. Feel free to try it; It’s free for personal use.

Free Download on 1001fonts and  Buy on Creative Fabrica for commercial use.

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Brotherina, Valentine’s day font

Brotherina is designed especially for valentine’s days font. Not only works charming on display, it also has a unique cursive characters for text. Since it is an Open Type Font and PUA encoded, there are a lot of alternative stylistic sets that makes font lovers choose free of each character style they want.


Creative Fabrica stated: “This font is completely handmade and perfect for wedding invites, cards & signs and other projects that need a personal touch.”


Bonus Characters are placed di PUA of the font Picture Ref: Creative Frabrica
Bonus Characters are placed di PUA of the font |  Picture by Creative Frabrica


Try and download the font free for personal use on

Buy the commercial license on Creative Frabrica